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As the world progresses the demand for the best is on the rise. Best in food, best in living conditions, best in residences etc. World over employers are working hard to provide the best working environment to their employees. The employers do so because the employees are the base, companies build upon.

It is not really tough for companies to provide the best for their employees at the workplace, a stocked cafeteria, library for book lovers, gymnasiums for health freaks are just few of the facilities that new age companies provide. There is just one area of concern for employers where their willingness or financial status does not play as it is an external feature that is aloof from the workplace.

Transport provided for employees is an important factor that ensures the arrival of employees to their workplace on time day after day to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. The transport mechanism that includes service provider, transport used for commuting, driver responsible for the pickups and drop are equally important as they ensure the employees reporting to work, do so in a positive frame of mind.

INVENTO LOGISTIC has been successful under various situations of unrest where transport operations were handicapped. Select Cabs has been rewarded with new business and more business from existing client because of its planning and ensuring EHS and movement of the employees to and from their work place.


Employees Transportation / Corporate Solution / Employee Transit Stay Solution

We believe in fulfilling Employee transportation needs and achieving customer satisfaction by providing transport Solutions is an IT-enabled, customized people transport solutions, it supports the employee transportation needs of corporate enterprises.

Logistic Service / Third Party Logistics / Transportation

Logistics outsourcing involves a relationship between a company and an LSP (logistic service provider), which, compared with basic logistics services, has more customized offerings, encompasses a broad number of service activities, is characterized by a long-term orientation, and thus has a strategic nature.

Supply Chain Logistics / Solutions & Management / Automation Technology

From before an inbound shipment enters your gate until after an outbound shipment leaves, Invento Warehouse Management solution optimizes every move – from raw materials to finished goods, and the material handling equipment and people who move them – enabling the most agile, productive and lean distribution operations possible. That means lower distribution costs and improved return on your supply chain investment.

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